Tiger’s Glory RTP 96,51% Quickspin

Tiger’s Glory RTP is 96.51% with High Variance. Try Quickspin’s Tiger’s Glory for free, with an original 6-reel grille in 4 heights, a total of 4096 ways to win available in each spin, a maximum prize of 10,000 spin credits, and a Reactive Free Spin Bonus.

Released in November 2018, Tiger’s Glory will not leave you indifferent. 6-reel slots are not common, so be prepared to get the most out of your 4096 fixed combination options.

Tiger’s Glory is inspired by venations, a type of circus game with exotic animals that occupied the Coliseum’s morning program. In case you were wondering, yes, this is definitely a slot that will have you with your heart in a fist from start to finish, and not just because of its theme: it combines a 96.51% RTP and high volatility that guarantee maximum expectation at all times.

Regular symbols are a total of 10, plus a regular symbol that can become special and two other special symbols that double as a wild card and bonus. Among the symbols you will find gladiators, golden crowns to celebrate victory, shields, and swords… besides a fierce tiger.

The prize range with a maximum bet selection ranges from 1,000 euros for 6 of the most valuable symbols, up to 25o for 3 of the lower ones, all with the spectacular scenery of a full coliseum to bursting in the background.

Slot special symbols

The special symbols of the game are the wild symbol (WILD), the scatter (BONUS), and the tiger’s head, which is also the most paid symbol, with up to 1,000 euros for a combination of 6. Let’s see how each of them works:

Wildcard: is a golden laurel crown that replaces all symbols except the scatter and tiger head when in fixed mode.

Scatter: it is a shield with two crossed swords. Like all other special symbols, it can appear on any of the rollers but is only available during regular play.

Furious Tiger: Appears when during a free spin spins around the Tiger’s Head symbol transforms after winning a fight. It has the peculiarity of looking at the box and remaining static for the rest of the spins.

Slot special features

Tiger’s Glory has two extras: free spins and a special bonus for free spins. Let’s start at the beginning: to trigger the Free Spins round you have to take out 3 or more scatters with the title “BONUS” on any of the 6 reels. Depending on the number of scatters you start the round with, you will receive:

7 free spins for 3 scatters
10 free spins for 4 scatters
15 free spins for 5 scatters
20 free spins for 6 scatters

Aside from Free Spins, Tiger’s Glory’s main bonus is called “Enraged Tiger’s Free Spin Bonus”, i.e. Tiger Fury Free Spin Bonus, and can only be triggered over the course of an already active free spin round.

In order for it to start, at least one symbol with the tiger’s head on the rollers must appear. If after fighting with the gladiator wins, the symbol will be framed with a chain in the box and will be fixed for all other free spins. This can happen up to 6 times, and with each of the tigers, you attach to your reels you’ll earn an additional free spin, which will add to the total initial free spins of the round.

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