Joker Strike RTP 98,11% QuickSpin

Joker Strike RTP of 98.11%.  Joker Strike is a video slot game inspired by the classic symbology of slots with hearts, clubs, diamonds, bells, numbers 7, and the legendary Joker.

The minimum bet is 0.10 EUR and rises to EUR 100.00. The payment lines are 10 and are distributed in 5 x 3.

The background of the game is composed of a nightscape with many lights and the game board in the center with a luminous frame that emulates the neon ads of Las Vegas casinos.

The music is quite festive, night-style in a casino, and incites the fun and entertainment typically associated with them.

Special features of the game

Among the special features of this game, we will find the Bonus round Joker Strike. This round is detonated with any of the Joker symbols on any of the paylines.

During the bonus round, symbols are added to the reels if the marker on the board’s outer frame stops at the symbol that starts any of the paylines. In this payline 6 to 10 additional symbols will be added to increase profits.

What will determine the number of additional symbols is the length of the largest payment line of that symbol. Three equals 6 extra symbols, four equals 8 extra symbols, and 5 equals 10 extra symbols.

Another bonus feature of this game is the Hi Roller. This mode detonates the gaming experience by adding other features to other levels of the game. Anything that increases your chances of winning, welcome!

There are several ways to play hi roller mode. Each has 5 turns. The box for each of the modes shows what features are available in that specific mode. The special features of the Hi Roller are:

Guaranteed wildcards, that is, for each turn you will have a wild symbol secured on any of the reels, which will also move clockwise around the reels until it stops imitating the classic Roulette.

Wild Strike, two wildcard symbols will be added to the external reel. If the marker stops at the Wildcard symbol the Joker Strike feature will be activated by adding more wildcard symbols to the reel.

Another feature is the Double Chance or Double Chance, which consists of an additional turn in the outer lane, which doubles the chances of triggering the Joker Strike feature.