Playing Big Time Gaming Bonanza for free is an experience you can’t miss. You can find the game in two versions: with a board of 6 reels with heights 7-8-8-8-7 and 117,649 possible combinations, or in the mode of 4-6-6-6-6-4 heights and 6,000 possible combinations.

Yes, you have read well, in the version with the largest board are 117,649 ways-to-win operating in both directions, for bets of between 20 cents of minimum and 500 euros per spin, with a maximum available prize of 120,000 credits or 10,000 times your place.

It’s 96% RTP and high volatility promise very strong emotions that make the mining theme of this slot could not be more appropriate: the stones of the rollers explode at the frenetic pace of riding music, with controlled blasts to give rise to Gemstone!

Special features: Goldrush arrives in Bonanza

Let’s get down to business and “extract” profits. As you’ll see at the top of the rollers, there’s an old mining cart with 4 symbols that change with each turn. The basic premise of Bonanza is that the more of them match the symbols of the boxes on the rollers, the more money you get.

But in addition to this, Bonanza has all kinds of special functions: free spins (which could in principle become unlimited), multipliers (up to infinity), wildcards and a re-spin function for winning combinations. And if there’s a good thing about the Bonanza slot, it’s never to stop things happening:

12-spin free rounds: Takes place inside the mine, and is Bonanza’s most important bonus feature, which starts by spelling the word gold (GOLD) in any position on the rollers. To these 12 initial turns can be added another 5 turns each time you draw an extra scatter, with no total limit of additional spins. Another possibility to increase the round of free spins is to take out gold bars in the mining cart on the rollers: for every 3 bars you add up another 5 extra spins, and if you get full of 4 bars, you directly add 10 additional free spins.

Cascading rollers: they are a kind of re-spin, which is produced with the same intensity as a collapse in the mine (in the best sense). With each winning combination you complete, the prized symbols explode and give way to new ones within the same spin. This feature stays active as long as you continue to win and is also available during free spin spins rounds.

Infinite Multiplier: With each consecutive prize you earn in the free spin rounds, you’ll increase Bonanza’s infinite multiplier by one point. There’s no maximum limit, so anything is possible.

Best of Bonanza

Why is Bonanza BTG’s most popular slot? It’s very simple, in Bonanza when you get a prize, it’s what a real prize is said. Based on the gold rush, this game consists of coming with the vein after having a good time bit biting in the mine.

Our advice is as follows: don’t expect constant prizes because it’s a machine with high volatility. Keep your head cool in the face of adversity, and don’t give up until you get all its extra features activated A few multipliers turn in a free spin round and it’s all worth it!

BTG is a slot developer who is making history: its slot catalog may not be very extensive, but it has unbeatable games in every way. In addition, all of them are available to play from virtually any mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Blackberry).